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Ukraine Has Intercepted Every 'Kinzhal' Missile Aimed at Kyiv Since the Arrival of Patriot Systems


All Russian ballistic missiles "Kinzhal" launched towards the capital of Ukraine after the deployment of the Patriot air defense systems have been successfully intercepted.

This was reported in an interview with Ukrinform by Colonel of the Air Force and commander of the 96th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, Serhii Yaremenko. In total, Russian forces has launched over 20 "Kinzhal" missiles towards Kyiv.

"When we are dealing with ballistic threats, it doesn't matter to us whether it's 'Kinzhal' Kh-47M, 'Iskander-M', 48N (a missile using S-400), or 'Zircon' launched from the 'Bastion' missile complex. For us, it is primarily a ballistic target. Analysts and experts later identify the specific type of airborne target based on certain characteristics and fragments. I can say one thing: all 'Kinzhal' missiles launched towards the capital of Ukraine since the announcement that the Patriot air defense missile system became operational have been successfully intercepted. No ballistic target has reached its destination within the capital of our country since May 2023. Over 20 'Kinzhal' missiles were launched towards Kyiv, and all of them were successfully intercepted," Yaremenko stated.

Responding to the question of why Russia has now stopped actively shelling Kyiv, Yaremenko noted that it is not because the Defense Forces have effectively repelled attacks.

"Russia, having the means, determines the list of objects for attack. Perhaps, during this period, other objects are of interest to them. However, periodically, important state objects in the Kyiv region are also affected by enemy strikes. We are ready daily, every second, at any time of the day for such challenges," assured the brigade commander.

Commenting on countering guided aviation bombs (KABs), which Russian forces use daily to bomb Kharkiv and region, Yaremenko emphasized that the most effective way to combat them is to destroy the carrier.

"Without the carrier, there will be no guided aviation bomb. We have the weaponry capable of doing this, but it is in short supply. We need armaments, we need guided anti-aircraft missiles for this," he added.

On June 30, Russian forces launched guided aerial bombs targeting Kharkiv, resulting in one casualty and injuring nine others, including an eight-month-old infant.

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