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Ukraine to Debut in NATO's Largest Cybersecurity Exercise

Ukraine to Debut in NATO's Largest Cybersecurity Exercise
Photo: National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on Facebook

According to the Ukrainian National Cyber Security Coordination Center, this year Ukraine will join the Locked Shields 2024 exercise, where about 4000 experts from 40 countries will be asked to come up with a solution for a cyberattack on a fictional nation and its systems under conditions closely resembling real life.

Locked Shields is an annual cybersecurity exercise organized by NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence in Tallinn since 2010.

“The expansion of the participation of various countries and partners demonstrates the global reach and importance of Locked Shields 2024, which is evidence of the important role of these exercises in strengthening international cooperation in the field of cyber defense,” the National Cyber Security Coordination Center commented.

The Deputy Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine, Serhii Demediuk, stressed the importance of Ukraine participating in the Locked Shields exercises, in order to strengthen both national and international cyber security.

“This year, Ukraine is joining forces with the Czech Republic in a joint team at these exercises. Joint development of skills, sharing of experience, and cooperation are key elements on the way to effectively confront modern cyber threats,” Demediuk said.

Ukraine’s debut in Locked Shields 2024 will provide the nation with hands-on experience and valuable preparation against future cyber challenges.

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