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Ukrainian Cyber Specialists are Conducting Major DDoS Attacks on Russian Services

Cyber specialists from Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence (DIU) have reportedly conducted a significant Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on various key Russian services.

According to information from a source from “Ukrainska Pravda” within the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, several Russian state institutions and private companies have been effectively paralyzed. While the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media has officially cited a “failure of the main communication network” as the cause of disruptions, sources suggest the true reason is a large-scale DDoS attack carried out by Ukrainian cyber specialists.

As of June 5, access to various public service websites and several ministries, including defense, finance, internal affairs, justice, industry and energy, information technology and communications, and emergencies, has been lost.

The website and services of the Russian Federal Tax Service were blocked, and the Federal Customs Service reported complications in information exchange with foreign economic activity participants due to the DDoS attack on telecommunications operators.

The United Aircraft Manufacturing Company experienced network access issues, leading to temporary paralysis of its operations. Additionally, the servers of the Russian cloud storage company Gosoblako faced malfunctions, and the “unified state registry office” in several Russian oblasts has been non-functional for days, impacting various services such as wedding registrations.

Some banking institutions, including Sberbank and AlfaBank, have reported unavailability of their services. Furthermore, the VKontakte social network has encountered significant interruptions, with several services rendered unavailable.

These occurrences represent a notable interruption across several sectors of Russian infrastructure, purportedly carried out by cyber specialists affiliated with Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence.

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