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Ukrainian Navy Conducts Exercises in Black Sea with Focus on Amphibious Operations


The Ukrainian Navy recently conducted exercises in the Black Sea, as reported by the Ukrainian Navy press service. The exercises primarily focused on landing operations, maneuvering, and the landing of personnel on unprepared coastlines.

According to the report, an amphibious assault group executed movements from one coast to another, navigating while avoiding simulated enemy fire and potential hazards. The exercises included regrouping, complex maneuvers, and coordinated operations at sea. The final phase involved marines landing on an unprepared coastline to fulfill the exercise objectives.

Additionally, the Ukrainian Navy provided information regarding the presence of Russian vessels in the region. As of 06:30 on June 7, 2024, one Russian vessel was observed in the Black Sea, while 10 were identified in the Sea of Azov. Among the vessels in the Sea of Azov, three were reported to be carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles, with a total of up to 24 missiles onboard.

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