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US National Security Advisor: Aid Delays Contributed to Ukraine’s Loss of Avdiivka

The US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan admitted in a briefing at the White House on April 24 that Ukraine lost some of its territories in the East due to the inability of Congress to vote for additional funding sooner.

“The consequences of the delay were felt in Ukraine. Over the past six months, Ukraine was forced to save ammunition, and this led to the loss of part of the territory in the east, in particular Avdiivka,” Sullivan said.

After months of anticipation, the United States has delivered on its promise of critical military support for Ukraine. On April 24th, the US Senate overwhelmingly approved a nearly $61 billion aid package, and President Biden officially signed it into law.

“The reality is it will take us some time to get out of the hole created by the six-month Congress delay of the additional funding,” the White House representative concluded.

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