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US to Allow Ukraine Longer-Range Strikes if Russia Expands Frontlines


If Russia tries to expand the current front, the United States will allow Ukraine to fire longer-range weapons. This was stated by Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs James O'Brien during a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

According to O'Brien, Russian forces are losing the ability to advance due to Ukraine's destruction of Russian assets near the borders.

"We are observing sharp changes in Russia's ability to sustain its campaign against Ukraine due to losses in the fire-permissible zone," he said.

O'Brien added that the US priority was to provide weapons and focus them on "areas of greatest need."

"First, it was the territory where Russia was advancing near Kharkiv. And now, as Jake Sullivan said last week, if Russia tries to expand that front, Ukraine will be allowed to target at longer ranges."

The hearing was dedicated to analyzing the Biden Administration's budget request for fiscal year 2025 for State Department operations in Europe. Representatives from the State Department and USAID also testified before Congress.

Lawmakers who support lifting all restrictions on Ukrainian forces emphasize that this is a bipartisan request, supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

According to officials, the main source of financing for Kyiv next year is expected to be the $50 billion loan that the Group of Seven (G7) countries have agreed to provide, with repayment to be made from interest on frozen Russian assets.

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