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US to Deploy Long-Range Missiles in Germany for First Time Since Cold War, Russia Promises “Military Response”


In 2026, the United States will commence "episodic" deployment of long-range weapons in Germany. This was announced jointly by both countries and published on the White House website.

The long-range fire units will include SM-6 missiles, Tomahawk missiles, and hypersonic weapons under development, "with significantly greater range than current ground-based systems in Europe."

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that Russian military forces have "taken note" of Washington's statements. He views this as "a step in the escalation course, one of the elements of intimidation that today is almost the main component of NATO's and the USA's policy towards Russia."

Ryabkov stated that Russia "will calmly and without emotions primarily develop a military response to this new game."

It is noted that the USA has not deployed such ground-based systems in Europe since the 1980s. German media “Deutsche Welle'“ underscores that for the first time since the Cold War, weapon systems capable of reaching Russian territory will be stationed in Germany.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius welcomed the agreement with the USA on deploying long-range systems in the country, emphasizing that this necessitates Germany's own investment in such armaments.

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