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Yesterday, Russia Attacked Ukraine’s Largest Children’s Hospital. Here’s How You Can Help

Yesterday, Russia Attacked Ukraine’s Largest Children’s Hospital. Here’s How You Can Help

Russia’s relentless destruction of Ukraine and its people has left many of us feeling helpless, wanting to lend a hand but unsure how. If you’ve been asking yourself “How can I help Ukraine?” then this article is for you.

On Monday, July 8th, Russia struck cities across Ukraine, including the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, the country’s largest children’s medical center. As a result of the attacks on Kyiv, 27 people have been killed, including 4 children, and 117 are injured. Subsequent deadly strikes occurred across the country, with 10 killed and 47 injured in Kryvyi Rih, 1 killed and 12 injured in Dnipro, and 3 killed in Pokrovsk.

Initial footage of the attack on the children’s hospital shows deliberate targeting by Russia using a long-range cruise missile. Around 10:00 am on Monday morning, Russia launched more than 40 missiles into Ukraine, the majority of which were intercepted by Ukrainian air defense.

Momentarily, people came to help, rushing to aid the recuse operations, clearing rubble and bringing fresh drinking water to the site of the bombing. Those who couldn’t help in person, started to donate en masse.

Perhaps, you yourself were reading the news yesterday, with an uneasy knot in your stomach. And perhaps you asked yourself the question: how can I help Ukraine?

Here’s how you can help Ukraine in 6 easy steps

Stay Informed — With the constant barrage of news every day, many of us have become desensitized to the horrors going on around us — this is what Russia hopes for. Now is the time to make yourself aware. There is news happening every day in Ukraine. Follow UNITED24 Media for daily updates on Twitter/ X, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and on our website.

Speak Up — Talk about what is happening in Ukraine. Especially now in the age of disinformation, spreading the truth starts with you. Attacks against children are never okay, and Russia must be held accountable. Sharing photos and videos of the latest attack on the children’s hospital is important, now more than ever.

Donate — Help Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital directly. Donate here.

Contact Representatives — Contact your local representative and ask for more air defense for Ukraine — it is essential to preventing attacks like this from happening again. With so many important elections happening around the world this year, your voice matters.

Volunteer — People from around the world have come together to help Ukraine. There are a variety of safe ways to show your support depending on your situation (you can even volunteer remotely). Check them out here.

Share This Information — Tell your friends about what is happening and how they can help.

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