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Biden: Risk of War with Russia Will Increase if We Don’t Help Ukraine

Peaceful resolution in Ukraine will mean guarantees that Russia will never again attack it again, said US President Joe Biden. At the same time, Ukraine doesn’t necessarily have to be a member of NATO, he said in an interview with Time, published on Tuesday, June 4.

“Peace looks like making sure Russia never, never, never, never occupies Ukraine. That’s what peace looks like. And it doesn’t mean NATO, they are part of NATO. It means we have a relationship with them like we do with other countries, where we supply weapons so they can defend themselves in the future,” said US President.

Biden reminded that he had already stated in the past that he “was not ready to support Ukraine’s accession to NATO.”

The American President called on not allowing Ukraine to lose in the war against Russia. He noted that such a development of events would lead to destabilization of other states in the region.

“The point is, though, that if we ever let Ukraine go down, mark my words: you’ll see Poland go, and you’ll see all those nations along the actual border of Russia, from the Balkans and Belarus, all those, they’re going to make their own accommodations,” Biden stated.

When asked about the likelihood of NATO being “on a slippery slope to war” with Russia, Biden replied that the West would find itself on such a path if it stops supporting Ukraine. “In any case, this will not happen,” he emphasized.

On May 31, it was confirmed that Ukraine has received permission from the United States to use American weapons for strikes on Russian territory, and that it can be used in the border region with Kharkiv.

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