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Biden Signs Bipartisan Bill Banning Uranium Imports From Russia

US President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan bill that bans the import of uranium from Russia. The ban will come into force in 90 days.

One of the reasons for the delay in sanctioning nuclear manufacturing is Russia’s production and technological dominance in the nuclear industry.

“This new law reestablishes America’s leadership in the nuclear sector. It will help secure our energy sector for generations to come,” said National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in an official statement. “And—building off the unprecedented $2.72 billion in federal funding that Congress recently appropriated at the President’s request—it will jumpstart new enrichment capacity in the United States and send a clear message to the industry that we are committed to long-term growth in our nuclear sector.”

However, the Department of Energy will have the right to grant exemptions from the restrictions until 2028 if they won’t be able to secure alternative supplies. Switching swiftly is a problem for the West due to the high reliance on Russia in this field and the limited worldwide supply.

The US Senate’s ban on Russian uranium imports marks a decisive shift, setting a precedent for sanctions against Russia’s dominant nuclear industry, which could provoke a shift in other countries dependent on Russian uranium supply, including the EU.

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