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British Volunteer and Combat Medic Peter Fouche Killed in Action in Ukraine

British Volunteer and Combat Medic Peter Fouche Killed in Action in Ukraine

British volunteer and combat medic Peter Fouche has been killed in action on the frontline in Ukraine, as reported by the charitable foundation Project Konstantin. Fouche, who had joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces in January 2024, was known for his heroic efforts in aiding the country’s defense against Russian aggression.

Originally from London, Fouche had a diverse career background as a police officer and carpenter. He made the decision to travel to Ukraine in March 2022, initially volunteering to help establish a field hospital near Kyiv in Brovary. Over time, Fouche underwent medical training and became involved in territorial defense operations.

He co-founded Project Konstantin, named after a fallen comrade, which focused on evacuating wounded soldiers, providing essential supplies, and conducting medical training. Fouche’s dedication was highlighted by his role in saving over 200 injured Ukrainian soldiers and evacuating civilians from high-risk areas near the front lines.


In February 2024, Fouche appealed emotionally to Western governments for urgent military aid, criticizing delays in support shipments to Ukraine. He expressed frustration over the severity of the situation and accused Russia of committing genocide in Ukraine.

Fouche’s death has deeply impacted his colleagues at Project Konstantin, who described him as more than a leader but also a beacon of hope and a true hero. His actions and legacy, they vow, will not be forgotten as they continue their mission in his honor.

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