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China Commits to Withholding Weapon Sales to Russia, Macron Announces

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that China has committed to abstain from selling any weapons to Russia.

French media Le Figaro reported Macron’s remarks, where he stated, “We respect the longstanding ties between China and Russia. Given this complex relationship, we welcome China’s pledge to refrain from selling weapons or providing any assistance to Moscow. Additionally, China has agreed to rigorously control the export of dual-use goods that could potentially be used for military purposes.”

Macron also expressed his intent to maintain close dialogue with China, saying, “I appreciate this coordination effort, which was initiated prior to Vladimir Putin’s visit to China. This collaboration will allow us to establish a common agenda and determine our collective stance towards achieving lasting peace.”

Following Macron’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Paris on May 6, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasized that Europe and China share common interests in peace and security. The EU hopes that China will leverage its influence with Russia to bring an end to Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.

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