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Czech Republic and Ukraine Launch Production of 'Leleka-LR' and 'Bulava' Drones for Ukrainian Forces


UAC, a Czech-Ukrainian company, has launched serial production of reconnaissance drones Leleka-LR and "Bulava" for Ukrainian soldiers in Kolín, Czech Republic.

The company plans to manufacture hundreds of reconnaissance and strike drones annually, as reported by Czech media E15.

"In November, we started trial operation, and in April, serial production began. This is literally military production, with our exclusive customer being the Ukrainian army," said OAC Executive Director Pavlo Bulant.

The drones' production involves 3D printers, computer-controlled machines, and the manufacturing of fuselages and wings.

"The 'Bulava' can be equipped with a shaped charge capable of penetrating armor up to 400 millimeters thick, or a fragmentation-explosive charge for destroying trenches or command posts. The thermobaric warhead, or vacuum bomb, is highly effective and capable of neutralizing a large number of enemy forces," reports E15.

The Leleka-LR drone complex was introduced in autumn 2023 and underwent combat trials in Ukraine. It can fly 90 kilometers behind enemy lines, remain airborne for up to 4 hours, and reach speeds of 32 meters per second. This drone is equipped with suppression defense systems, including CRP (Controlled Reception Pattern) antennas.

The publication notes that OAC Kolín is a subsidiary of the eponymous private Ukrainian company based in Dnipro, engaged in drone development and production since 2014.

"At present, the delivery of drones from the Czech Republic to Ukraine is an absolute priority," stated UAC management representative Stefan Füle.

In February 2024, the Czech initiative was announced to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 50,000 to 100,000 large-caliber shells monthly. On June 15, Czech Prime minister Petr Fiala confirmed that the first batch of ammunition under the Czech initiative has arrived in Ukraine.

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