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Denmark to Fund Ukrainian “Bohdana” Self-Propelled Artillery Manufacturing

Denmark to Fund Ukrainian “Bohdana” Self-Propelled Artillery Manufacturing
Ukrainian 2S22 Bohdana 155mm wheeled self-propelled artillery system. Source: Yegor Terletskyi

Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen signed a key agreement during the recent NATO summit in Washington D.C., solidifying Denmark’s participation in a multinational initiative to strengthen space-based surveillance and intelligence capabilities.

Poulsen also announced an initiative aimed at directly supporting Ukraine’s defense industry. Followed by a visit to Ukrainian defense companies earlier this year, Denmark has established a new model for military aid. This approach involves funding the production of critical equipment within Ukraine itself.

The first project under this initiative is the acquisition of 18 “Bohdana” self-propelled artillery pieces through financing their production in Ukraine.

“When I was in Ukraine this spring to visit a number of defense industry companies in Kyiv, I became convinced of the possibilities of supporting Ukraine through acquisitions directly via the Ukrainian defense industry. In this way, we ensure that the equipment that the Ukrainians demand at the front can be produced and delivered close by. It provides some obvious logistical advantages while helping to build the defense industry in Ukraine. Here, Ukrainian-produced artillery pieces play a central role as a pilot project,” Poulsen said.

These Ukrainian-made guns offer several advantages. They can be delivered faster and with greater logistical ease, as they are produced closer to the frontlines. Additionally, they are compatible with standard NATO ammunition, aligning with Ukraine’s long-term military modernization plans.

The Danish donation was based on recommendations from Ukrainian defense and strategic industry ministries. Minister Poulsen expressed his hope that other countries will follow suit, leveraging Ukraine’s production capacity to expedite equipment delivery and simultaneously strengthen its defense industry.

“I hope that more countries will follow the Danish model for procurement in Ukraine. The Ukrainians' opportunities to produce equipment are greater than the funding they have right now. Therefore, there is a great potential for similar agreements to produce more equipment in Ukraine and at the same time help build the defense industry in Ukraine,” says Poulsen.

Denmark has allocated 1.2 billion Danish kroner (DKK) from its dedicated Ukraine fund to facilitate such acquisitions. The Danish Parliament has also been involved in approving this initiative through Donation Package XIX.

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