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European Parliament Condemns Putin’s 'Re-Election' as Farce, Urges Nations to Reject Results

The European Parliament has passed a resolution denouncing the recent “re-election” of Vladimir Putin and urging nations not to recognize the results as legitimate.

According to a statement from the European Parliament’s press service, the resolution, endorsed on Thursday, April 25, with 493 votes, brands the electoral process as a “farce.” It calls upon EU Member States and the global community to reject the outcomes of the Russian “elections,” citing irregularities such as their conduct in occupied Ukrainian territories and the absence of fair practices within Russia itself.

The text separately expressed regret that the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, departed from the EU’s common line and congratulated Putin on his “victory.”

Members of the European Parliament urge EU countries to limit relations with Putin’s Russia solely to matters essential for regional security or related to humanitarian goals and the protection of human rights, such as prisoner exchanges, the release of political prisoners, or the return of Ukrainian children taken to Russia.

“Members of the European Parliament call on the EU and Member States to continue actively supporting independent organizations of Russian civil society, independent media, and human rights defenders, and to actively engage with the Russian democratic opposition and offer support,” the resolution states.

It is worth noting that European Parliament resolutions express its position on a particular issue and do not have binding force.

The European Union has issued an official rebuke of the Russian “presidential elections,” decrying them for their restrictive nature, lack of genuine opposition participation, and the contentious conduct of voting in Ukrainian territories under Russian occupation.

“The Russian presidential elections met no democratic standards and were illegally held in the occupied territories of Ukraine. These elections didn’t bring any change in Russia, so there is no change in our policy towards Russia,” Josep Borrel, the Vice-President of the European Commission, stated at the European Parliament.

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