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Evacuation Underway in Vovchansk as Russia Intensifies Shelling

Evacuation Underway in Vovchansk as Russia Intensifies Shelling
Source: DSNS Kharkiv region

Evacuation of the population is taking place from the town of Vovchansk and surrounding areas in the Kharkiv region. Authorities, police, and volunteers are jointly assisting people in leaving.

This was stated in a comment to Hromadske Radio by the head of the Vovchansk city administration, Tamaz Gambarashvili.

“Currently, we are evacuating the population. The majority of people are leaving with their own vehicles. But at the same time, together with the humanitarian center, we are organizing transportation for those locals who do not have their own cars. We are working together with volunteers and the police. We are evacuating people from Vovchansk and nearby settlements,” said the administration head.

The evacuation is taking place because the Russian army is shelling the city massively:

“Locals say they have never seen such shelling before. It is extremely dangerous to stay in Vovchansk now. From 3 in the morning, there have been cruise missiles, artillery, and MLRS shelling.”

Information about the dead and wounded as a result of the shelling of Vovchansk by Russian forces is not yet available. Massive destruction of infrastructure has been reported.

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