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Germany Arrests Two Men Suspected of Spying for Russia

According to Der Spiegel, German police arrested Dieter S. and his alleged accomplice, Alexander J., in the Bavarian city of Bayreuth on suspicion of spying for Russia. The primary suspect, Dieter S., is a 39-year-old German-Russian from Bavaria who is also accused of fighting alongside Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine from 2014 to 2016. His alleged accomplice, Alexander J., a 37-year-old German-Russian, is also suspected of being an agent.

Prosecutors believe Dieter S. maintained contact with a Russian secret service agent since October 2023. He allegedly collected information on potential attack targets, agreeing to carry out arson and explosive attacks on military infrastructure, arms factories, and industrial sites. The focus was on disrupting transport routes for military goods, with the ultimate goal of undermining German support for Ukraine.

Dieter S. is also accused of scouting and photographing US military facilities in Germany, including a facility in Grafenwöhr, Bavaria. This facility houses a crucial training area where the US Army prepared Ukrainian soldiers to use Abrams battle tanks.

Der Spiegel reports that the two suspects appeared before judges of the Federal Court in Karlsruhe on Wednesday and were subsequently taken into custody.

In response, the German government summoned the Russian ambassador to the German Foreign Ministry.

Germany’s Interior Minister, Nancy Feser, commented on the situation: “Our security authorities have prevented possible explosive attacks aimed at targeting and undermining our military aid to Ukraine. We will continue to provide massive support to Ukraine and will not allow ourselves to be intimidated,” she promised.

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