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Hungarian Opposition Leader Announces Visit to Kyiv After Russian Missile Strike on Ukraine


The leader of Hungarian opposition party "Tisza" Péter Magyar condemned Russia's missile strike on Ukraine on July 8 and announced a visit to Kyiv.

"Tomorrow I will travel to Kyiv on behalf of the Tisza Party and the Hungarian people. As a father, I cannot act otherwise," noted Magyar.

Magyar noted that Russian forces carried out one of the worst attacks on the Ukrainian capital in the two years of full-scale war. He announced a humanitarian initiative, stating, "Through the 'Medspot' fund, we will provide a significant amount of medical and health equipment to local hospitals that need it most. Personally, I am donating 1 million forints (2,736 dollars) to the fund."

"While Viktor Orbán has been in Moscow three days ago on a peace mission, today the Russian army shelled one of Kyiv's most important children's hospitals with rockets... On behalf of the 'Tisza' party, we strongly condemn the attack on civilians, especially on medical facilities and children," wrote Péter Magyar.

He emphasized that he expects a similar condemnation from the Hungarian government.

"We wish the wounded a speedy recovery. We express our condolences to the families of the deceased," Magyar added.

Viktor Orbán, who in recent days visited Kyiv, Moscow, and Beijing with a self-proclaimed "peace mission" regarding Ukraine, has yet to comment on Russia's massive missile attack on Ukraine, including the Kyiv children's hospital "Ohmatdyt."

Orbán made these visits after Hungary assumed the presidency of the EU Council, causing concern and assurances within the EU that the Hungarian Prime Minister does not represent the position of the European Union.

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