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Italy Restricts Ukraine’s Use of Weapons Outside its Borders, Saying “We Are Not at War with Russia”

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on May 7 that using weapons provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces can only be allowed within the borders of Ukraine.

“All the military materiel we send is destined to be used only inside the territory of Ukraine,” according to Tajani. “We do not provide equipment that can be used outside of Ukraine. We are not at war with Russia,” commented Minister Tajani.

Responding to a question about French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent proposal to send NATO troops into Ukraine if Russia breaks through the Ukrainian defense line and Kyiv makes a request, the Italian minister said: “I don’t think Macron wants to fight with Russia, ask him what he wants to do. NATO decisions are made by NATO, and we are part of NATO, we are not at war with Russia and we are against sending troops to fight the Russians.”

This contrasts with the UK’s stance, where British Foreign Secretary Cameron previously declared Ukraine has the right to strike back at Russia using British weapons, in retaliation to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. This statement caused outrage in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Despite its stance on weapon use, Italy remains a strong ally in military aid to Ukraine.

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