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Latvian Army Fortifies Border with Russia with Anti-Tank Trenches and Ammo Depots Under Construction

According to Latvian media LSM, fortifications, various obstacles, and ammunition depots will be constructed along Latvia’s border with Russia and Belarus. The Latvian army has already begun digging anti-tank trenches there.

The first defense line is being established about a kilometer from the border with Russia, near the Terehovo border crossing in Ludza region.

One of the elements is an anti-tank trench, explained engineering inspector Lieutenant Colonel Kaspars Lāzdīņš.

“Here we are excavating the road and creating an anti-tank trench so that in case of need, it would not be possible for vehicles, including tanks, to move along this road. This trench has specified parameters and has the appropriate depth to fulfill its intended purpose,” Lāzdīņš said.

The length of the Latvian-Russian border is 283.6 km. In 2015, construction of a fence began along it, but in 2019, work was halted due to the opening of a criminal case under the article on fraud on an especially large scale against the company Igate, which was building the facility.

Visiting the border in August of last year, Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs emphasized that one of the tasks is to complete what was started. Nearly five years later, the construction of the fence has now been continued by the military.

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