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Member of European Parliament Calls for Action Against Orbán Over Uncoordinated Visits


President of the liberal group in the European Parliament, Valérie Hayer, has called on the European Council to take action against Hungary due to the uncoordinated visits of its Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, which undermine EU unity.

According to the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing Emmanuel Macron's "Renewal" party, Orbán's actions "undermine positions adopted by the European Union and go against our interests."

"The time has come to put an end to Viktor Orbán's dishonest presidency of the EU Council. His pretended peacekeeping mission poses a threat to security, and his isolated communication is merely a smokescreen for his own interests and has suffered miserable failures," she emphasized.

Hayer urged the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, to clarify the duties and mandate of the European Council in foreign affairs.

She also condemned Hungary's attempts to manipulate its presidency of the EU Council "by conducting pretended peace missions to Kyiv, Moscow, Beijing, and Washington, promoting messages that contradict EU positions."

"Finally, Renew Europe demands that the Council and the Commission take responsibility and finally take further steps towards the application of Article 7, which could lead to Hungary being stripped of its voting rights," the MEP concluded.

The EU's legal service previously determined that the talks between the Hungarian Prime Minister and Putin contradict EU treaties.

According to reports, European Union member states are considering various sanctions against Hungary due to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's uncoordinated visit to Russia, including stripping Budapest of its presidency of the EU Council.

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