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More Countries Join Germany’s Air Defense Initiative for Ukraine

Several nations pledged support for Germany’s initiative to acquire air defense systems for Ukraine at the 22nd Ramstein meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group on May 20, as was announced by the German Ministry of Defense on their Twitter (X) account.

According to the statement, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway will finance Germany’s initiative to find air defense systems for Ukraine.

Additionally, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, the United States, and France confirmed to provide “equipment and missiles” to bolster Ukraine’s air defenses (possibly separate from the German initiative). Latvia also expressed its goal to join the German initiative.

Earlier in April, Germany launched an initiative to find additional air defense systems for Ukraine, following Russia’s increasingly employing glide bombs capable of long-range deployment.

As part of this effort, Berlin later announced discussions with Denmark and the Netherlands regarding funding for the initiative.

Subsequently, in April, the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands confirmed the allocation of €200 million to Ukraine.

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