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NATO Commits €40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine by 2025


At the NATO summit, Alliance members will announce their intention to provide Ukraine with 40 billion euros in funding over the next year, along with measures aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities and advancing its path towards NATO membership.

“The Washington Summit will strengthen NATO’s relationship with Ukraine, as Allies convene for the second meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council at the Leaders level. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy will sit with Allied leaders to discuss further Alliance support for Ukraine in its ongoing fight to defend its freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression,” as stated in the announcement by the White House.

It is reported that Alliance members will declare new significant support measures for Ukraine, aimed at bringing Ukraine closer to NATO while laying the groundwork for enhancing Ukraine's ability to defend itself against Russian aggression now and in the future.

Earlier on July 10, US President Joe Biden announced a historic decision by several countries to provide Ukraine with additional air defense systems. Germany and Romania will each supply one Patriot battery as pledged. Another Patriot battery will be assembled collaboratively by the Netherlands and other partners. Italy is set to deliver the SAMP/T system.

Additionally, the United States and its allies are planning to equip Ukraine with “dozens of air defense systems” in the coming months, including NASAMS, HAWK, IRIS-T, and Gepard systems.

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