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Nepalese Mercenaries Desert Russian Army En Masse

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informed that mercenaries from Nepal are deserting en masse from the Russian army.

According to Ukrainian intelligence the mercenaries from Nepal, who served in unit 29328 of the Russian Federation, deserted due to their unit’s huge losses in “meat assaults”, the brutal attitude of Russia’s commanders, including extrajudicial executions for refusing to carry out orders, as well as non-payment.

Russia is conducting searches for the deserters in occupied Ukrainian territories, particularly, in the Luhansk Region, where the personnel of military unit 29328 was stationed, but this process has not yielded results.

The commanders of the Russian motorized rifle military unit explain the desertion of Nepalese with the probable “departure to their native country due to an earthquake.”

However, getting from the occupied Luhansk Region back to Nepal on your own is not an easy task. In addition, citizens of Nepal may be prosecuted in their country for participating in hostilities against Ukraine as part of the Russian army.

As a result, the desire to earn “easy” money turned into a trap for Nepalese mercenaries, from which there is no safe way out.

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