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Netherlands to Transfer F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine in Autumn

The Netherlands plans to begin sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine this autumn, following Denmark’s intention to deliver the aircraft in the summer, according to Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren.

Ollongren made the announcement during a briefing in Vilnius, as reported by Delfi. She emphasized that this timeline for supplying fighter jets to Ukraine is part of a detailed plan coordinated by the allies.

“We have everything planned according to the project, which consists of training Ukrainian pilots, preparing service personnel, and handing over real aircraft,” Ollongren said.

The Dutch minister informed that Ukrainian pilots are currently undergoing training in several countries.

“And if we manage to stay on track, and everything works out for Ukraine, of course, then the first planes will be delivered by Denmark this summer already. And we hope to participate in deliveries from autumn with our F-16s,” she added.

The minister explained that after the summer, the fighter jets “will be transferred to Ukraine in batches.”

Recently, Danish Ambassador to Kyiv Ole Egberg Mikkelsen expressed his optimism regarding the arrival of F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine this summer.

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