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On Journalists' Day, Ukraine Mourns 91 Media Workers Lost to Russian Aggression

Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture reported that 91 media workers have been killed during Russia’s invasion. This was reported on June 6, Ukraine’s Journalists' Day.

Acting Minister of Culture Rostyslav Karandieiev noted that among those casualties are 30 media workers currently held captive by Russian forces, including journalist Viktoria Roshchyna, missing since August 2023.

Additionally, the Ministry of Culture stated that a significant number of individuals with prior media affiliations have joined Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Among the casualties in recent military engagements are former TV editor and host Petro Tsurukin, former editor-in-chief of Pravyi Postup Oleksandr Mashlay, and journalist Alla Pushkarchuk.

Iryna Tsybukh, formerly a media trainer and manager for Suspilne, Ukraine’s public broadcaster, was also killed on May 29 while serving as a volunteer combat medic in Kharkiv region. Tsybukh was known for her social media presence, where she shared her experiences of the war and her role as a combat medic.

Karandieiev expressed gratitude to Ukrainian and foreign media representatives for their contributions to Ukraine’s fight against Russian invading forces, their influence on public opinion, and their support of democratic values.

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