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Poland's Foreign Minister: Poland Shouldn't Rule Out the Option of Sending Troops to Ukraine

Poland's Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, said in an interview on May 28 that Poland shouldn't rule out the option of sending troops to Ukraine, as reported by Reuters.

His comments come as Kyiv faces pressure from Russian advances. Sikorski, however, did not specify specify what role Polish troops would play.

When questioned about Poland's potential troop deployment, Sikorski stated, "We shouldn't take it off the table. It's best to keep Putin guessing about our next moves."

This isn't the first time Sikorski has hinted at the possibility of NATO forces in Ukraine, previously suggesting that the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine is "not unthinkable".

French President Emmanuel Macron previously broached the topic of troop deployment in Ukraine in an interview with The Economist posted on May 2.

Earlier this month, Estonian National Security Advisor Madis Roll stated that Estonia is engaged in “serious” discussions regarding sending troops to western Ukraine for non-combat, logistical roles to free up Ukrainian soldiers for frontline combat.

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