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Russia Expands Attack Drone Manufacturing, Using Iranian Technology, In Its Factory in Tatarstan

A drone factory in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone in Tatarstan, Russia, is planning to produce 6,000 Shahed-type attack drones per year, according to The Wall Street Journal report. The factory uses Iranian technology. At the end of April, the factory was ahead of schedule, having delivered 4,500 drones to the Russian army. Albatros reconnaissance drones are also produced in Alabuga, and students from different countries in Africa are involved in their production.

In late 2022, the contract between the Russian plant executives and their Iranian partners was made. Released by Prana Network and verified by two company advisors, the contract outlines plans for the Alabuga factory to produce 6,000 Shahed attack drones annually, alongside surveillance drones.

Earlier, in February 2024, Prana Network has already published hacked information from the IRGC front company called Sahara Thunder that are facilitating the illegal sale of weapons from Iran to Russia.

The Wall Street Journal reports that dozens of M3 “Albatross” reconnaissance drones manufactured at the Alabuga plant have gathered detailed photo intelligence on Ukrainian positions and movements on the frontlines. Their manufacturer claims that the drones have already seen action in the Belgorod region, Russia.

Citing Ukrainian military intelligence and a former Syrian officer, the publication reports that Russian soldiers are already undergoing drone training in Syria under the guidance of instructors from both the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group.

According to drone specialist Henry Thompson, Russia has taken the initiative to produce its own warheads, eliminating its reliance on Iranian supplies and significantly expediting the manufacturing of effective weapons. Thompson, who previously worked for the United Nations, examined the wreckage of UAVs discovered in Ukraine and determined that the most recent Shahed models were made in Russia.

In early April, the factory, which is located more than 1,200 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, was already targeted by two drones.

Additionally, it was revealed earlier today, that Iran started to supply Russia with advanced aerial bombs Qaem-5.

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