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Russia Plotting Provocation Against Ukraine Involving Alleged Illicit Arms Trade in Africa

As Russia and its proxy forces face weakening positions on the African continent, Russian intelligence agencies are preparing another disinformation campaign targeting Ukraine.

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine reports that the Kremlin is attempting to accuse Ukrainian special forces of using foreign-made weapons during hostilities in the Republic of Sudan. To achieve this, Russian propagandists plan to publish commissioned articles and fabricated images of “trophy” American-made weapons in the media, particularly in Libyan outlets. These weapons were previously captured by mercenaries of the so-called “Wagner Group” during the war in Ukraine.

The goal of such publications is to discredit Ukraine and its partners, accusing Western allies of uncontrolled arms trafficking involving Ukraine. The Kremlin will also try to fabricate the fact that elite Ukrainian special forces are participating in hostilities in Africa while Russia is waging a war in Ukraine itself.

At the same time, due to ongoing religious holidays in the Muslim world, including parts of Africa, Russian intelligence agencies have been forced to fabricate the necessary photographic materials on Belarusian territory, according to Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

It is emphasized that Ukraine and its Defense Forces continue to operate exclusively within the framework of international law and the UN Charter, with respect for the sovereignty of all countries, and have no connection to any illegal activities related to the illicit arms trade.

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