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Russian Forces Attempt Breakthrough to Reach Kurakhove and Pokrovske, Ukrainian Defense Reports

In a recent update from the front lines, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi has revealed the intensifying efforts of Russian forces to breach Ukrainian defense positions and advance towards populated areas.

As reported by Syrskyi, he has been working in units that are defending on the Pokrovske and Kurakhove directions for two days. In particular, he worked with unit commanders.

“Russian forces are trying to break through the defense and reach the populated areas of Kurakhove and Pokrovske,” Syrskyi stated, emphasizing the strategic importance of these locations.

“Having had numerical superiority, armament, and military equipment from the very beginning, the enemy attacks our troops' positions daily,” he remarked.

Syrskyi outlined proactive measures taken to bolster Ukrainian defenses: “I have made all necessary decisions regarding the reinforcement of defense with reserves, allocation of additional missiles, ammunition, EW means, and UAVs. I am confident this will help our units successfully repel enemy attacks and inflict significant losses on them.”

Previously, Commander Syrskyi reported that the situation on the front has intensified:

“The enemy is actively attacking along the entire front line, achieving tactical successes in some directions. The situation is changing dynamically, with individual positions changing hands several times a day”.

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