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Russian Missiles Hit Odesa, Injuring Woman and Damaging Over 30 Buildings

On April 24, 7 am local time, Russian missiles attacked civilian infrastructure in Odesa, as reported by Governor Oleh Kiper. A 43-year-old woman has been injured and is currently in moderate condition after being transported to the hospital.

The aftermath of the attack is evident, with approximately 30 buildings sustaining damage from the force of the blast. Windows shattered, glass strewn across the streets, and in some residences, ceilings collapsed.

Emergency response teams are swiftly mobilized, working tirelessly to assess and address the situation. Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities are documenting the consequences of another Russian attack, Governor Kiper informed.

Due to the missile attack on Odesa, power lines were damaged, leaving some residents of the city without electricity, as reported by DTEK.

It has been reported that Russia has intensified missile and drone attacks on Odesa and region in the recent weeks, resulting in civilian losses.

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