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Chasiv Yar Reduced to Rubble as Russia Continues Its Strategic Push for City

The Associated Press agency showed the devastating state of Chasiv Yar, to which Russia is trying to break through for months, since capturing it would give Russia strategic gains. Chasiv Yar city, in the Donetsk Region of Ukraine, is being constantly shelled by the Russian forces. There is no single surviving high-rise building in the city.

The Head of the Chasovoyarsk City Military Administration, Serhiy Chaus, reported on air to the “Hromadske Radio”, that Chasiv Yar is under the control of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

“At the moment, the city is under control. This is a Ukrainian city, and the occupiers have no place here. People in the city somehow exist now, it’s difficult to call it normal living conditions since there is no heat, electricity, or water,” said Serhiy Chaus.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine, the population of the city was almost 13 thousand, and now only 682 people remain there, with some people refusing to evacuate.

“Unfortunately, there was no evacuation in the last 3-4 days. No people were willing to leave. The main narrative that people carry is that this is their home and their Motherland, and they don’t want to leave their land. There are no children in the city, the majority of people, about 70%, are aged 60+,” the head of the administration commented.

He added that most volunteers no longer enter the city since Russia’s artillery and FPV drones are targeting everyone, including civilians.

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