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Satellite Images Show Ukrainian Drones Strike Russian Airfield, Damaging Aircrafts and Oil Refinery

Satellite images taken by Planet Labs and published by investigative journalists reveal the damage caused by a Ukrainian drone strike on the Kushchevskaya airfield in Russia’s Krasnodarkyi region on the night of May 19.

Source: S’hemy via Radio Svoboda
Source: S’hemy via Radio Svoboda

At the request of “Shemy” and the Russian service “Radio Liberty”, aviation expert Anatoly Khrapchinskyi analyzed satellite images and stated that Ukrainian drones damaged at least two Russian fighters, Su-27 and Su-34 at the airfield.

According to him, the pictures show that there is a Su-34 with damaged or removed wings, and a damaged Su-27 in another part of the airfield.

“There is also a possibility that the Su-30, which has barely changed its position since May 11 and is located near the damaged Su-27, could have been damaged as well,” Khrapchynsky said.

It has been reported that Ukrainian drones, likely operated by the Security Service of Ukraine also caused damage to an oil refinery.

Khrapchynsky noted that after the strikes of Ukrainian UAVs, most of the Russian fighters were removed from this airfield.

Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School uses the Kushchevka airfield as a training base to prepare future pilots. However, Russia is currently using this airfield to attack Ukrainian positions.

Earlier, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed its air defenses shot down approximately 60 drones over Belgorod and Krasnodar regions, along with one drone and several missiles in Crimea on May 19.

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