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Ukraine and Iceland Sign Bilateral Security Agreement

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Icelandic Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson signed an agreement on security cooperation and long-term support.

Iceland has pledged to provide comprehensive and long-term economic, humanitarian, and defense support to Ukraine, as well as to assist with its future EU and NATO membership and finance, purchase, and supply defense materials and equipment. Iceland will also cooperate with Ukraine in developing its defense industry.

The uniqueness of the agreement lies in the fact that Iceland undertakes to continue transporting military cargo and equipment from NATO allies to Ukraine by cargo planes.

In addition, Iceland will pay special attention to supporting and equipping women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier today, Zelenskyy and the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson signed a bilateral agreement on security cooperation between Sweden and Ukraine. 

Iceland has become the 14th country to sign a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine in furtherance of the G7 Joint Declaration adopted in Vilnius on July 12 last year. Previously, Ukraine has signed bilateral agreements with the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Spain, Belgium and Portugal.

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