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Ukraine Calls for NATO Meeting on Air Defense

Ukraine will send a request to the North Atlantic Alliance for a meeting of the Ukraine–NATO Council to discuss Ukraine’s air defense.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy made the announcement on April 16 during his evening speech. The head of state once again recalled the discussions related to how the United States and other Western allies joined their forces to repel Iran's attack on Israel with the use of missiles and drones.

“In the last two days, we have heard all kinds of things. About different conflicts — here in Europe and in the Middle East — different levels of threats, different airspace. Although the "Shahed" drones and ballistics are the same… Different threats of escalation,” said Zelenskyy.

President Zelenskyy underscored the equal importance of all people’s lives, no matter where they are: “We must protect them from terror on the same level. Ukraine will request a meeting of the Ukraine – NATO Council to discuss the protection of the skies, the supply of anti-aircraft warfare, relevant systems and missiles.”

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