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Ukraine Implements Power Restrictions Amid Russian Attacks on Energy Infrastructure

On May 16, scheduled power supply restrictions will be implemented for household and industrial consumers throughout Ukraine, as announced by the national energy grid operator Ukrenergo.

“The reason for the restrictions is the increased electricity consumption due to the recent cold snap. The capacities of Ukrainian power plants are insufficient due to the consequences of five missile and drone strikes carried out by Russia against the Ukrainian power system since March 22,” the company stated on Wednesday, May 15.

Ukrenergo added that controlled outages will help ensure a more predictable situation for consumers and contribute to the safer operation of the energy system.

Emergency power outages were also implemented for all subscribers on the morning of May 16, from 6:40 to 9:00, and were in effect the previous evening as well.

According to Yasno CEO Serhii Kovalenko, the Russian shelling has resulted in the loss of 8 GW of capacity, primarily “maneuverable capacity, such as thermal or hydroelectric power plants.” He emphasized, “A difficult period lies ahead. And not so much in the summer, when we will experience these outages, but in the winter.”

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