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Ukraine Is Allowed to Use German Weapons on Russian Land Bordering With Kharkiv Region

Germany has granted Ukraine permission to use German-supplied military equipment for defensive purposes within the Kharkiv region, which has been under continuous attack from Russian forces positioned across the border.

This policy shift comes after extensive internal deliberations and aligns with the changing stance of Germany’s allies. While not explicitly endorsing offensive operations within Russia, the authorization encompasses the use of defensive systems like the Patriot air defense system, capable of intercepting Russian missiles and aircraft targeting Kharkiv from within Russian territory.

Generalmajor Christian Freudig, head of the German Ukraine Situation Center, indicated that the deployment of Patriot systems within the Kharkiv region, potentially extending over Russian airspace for defensive reasons, is under consideration. “The deployment of Patriot systems in the Kharkiv region, potentially even over Russian territory for defensive purposes, is a distinct possibility,” according to Freudig.

This move signifies Germany’s commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s defensive capabilities within its borders and could have substantial ramifications for the ongoing conflict, particularly in the war-torn city of Kharkiv. The implementation and impact of this new policy will be closely monitored as the situation unfolds.

Earlier, Germany’s government spokesman Steffen Hebestreithas officially authorized Ukraine to use German-supplied weapons against bordering Russian territory near Kharkiv.

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