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Ukraine Will Not Compromise on Its Values or Territorial Integrity With Russia, Says Yermak


Andrii Yermak, head of Ukraine's Presidential Office, asserted on July 3 that Ukraine would not compromise its values or territorial integrity in efforts to resolve the war with Russia during a visit to Washington.

Yermak emphasized that Kyiv is open to advice on achieving a "just peace" in the war. However, when asked about recent statements by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, he underscored that Ukraine is unwilling to compromise on fundamental principles.

"But we are not ready to go to the compromise for the very important things and values ... independence, freedom, democracy, territorial integrity, sovereignty," he said.

Recently, two senior advisors to Trump proposed a plan to halt military aid to Ukraine unless it agrees to engage in peace negotiations with Russia.

On June 28, during the debate between US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, Trump went on to promise that he would “end the war in Ukraine” even before his “election as president.” He added that he would ensure that “Zelenskyy and Putin get along,” implying a diplomatic solution under his leadership.

Trump also indicated a rejection of Russian self-proclaimed President Vladimir Putin's terms, which include Kyiv ceding control of four regions in eastern and southern Ukraine claimed by Moscow.

The NATO summit is scheduled for July 9-11, with a Ukrainian delegation led by Yermak currently in Washington.

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