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Biden and Trump Clash Over US Policy on Russia’s War Against Ukraine During Debates

Biden and Trump Clash Over US Policy on Russia’s War Against Ukraine During Debates
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On June 28, during the debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the issue of Russia’s war against Ukraine ignited an argument between the two opponents.

Trump criticized Biden’s handling of the situation, asserting that “if we had a real president,” referring to Biden, “Putin would never have invaded Ukraine.”

Trump went on to promise that he would “end the war in Ukraine” even before his “election as president.” He added that he would ensure that “Zelenskyy and Putin get along,” implying a diplomatic solution under his leadership.

He also claimed that whenever Zelensky visits the U.S., he returns with $60 billion “in his pocket,” declaring that “it has to stop.”

Trump further criticized Biden for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, alleging that this was the reason for Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

In his response, Biden called Putin a war criminal and condemned Trump for suggesting that Putin could attack anywhere if NATO allies did not increase their defense budgets. Biden defended his administration’s response to the Ukraine crisis and underscored the importance of supporting NATO and maintaining a strong stance against Russian aggression.

“Trump wants the US to withdraw from NATO. But the strength is in our alliances. We could not have avoided a major war in Europe if it were not for our alliance,” Biden stated.

Biden also emphasized that Putin’s aggression will not be limited to Ukraine, warning that Poland, Belarus, and other NATO countries could be future targets.

“The fact is that Putin is a war criminal. He’s killed thousands and thousands of people. And he has made one thing clear, he wants to re-establish what was part of the Soviet Empire, not just a piece, he wants all of Ukraine.” He then added: “And then do you think he’ll stop there? What do you think happens to Poland? What do you think of Belarus? What do you think happens to those NATO countries?”

The debate highlighted the sharp differences between the two foreign policy approaches, with Biden defending his administration’s response to the war and Trump criticizing the current administration.

Earlier this month, Putin proposed his “peace plan”, outlining conditions that Ukraine had previously rejected, including the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, lifting sanctions from Russia, and abandoning NATO integration.

Putin has also made an official visit to North Korea, signing a strategic partnership agreement and further seeking to assemble a coalition with countries such as North Korea, Iran, Syria, and, to some extent, China, to confront the entire democratic world.

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