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Ukraine’s Success in the Black Sea Inspires NATO Naval Strategy Change, Says NATO Commander


NATO is studying Ukraine’s experience in destroying Russian ships in the Black Sea to adapt to the realities of modern naval warfare.

NATO member countries are actively researching Ukraine’s successful use of marine drones and other technologies to neutralize a significant portion of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. This experience is becoming a crucial element in the development of contemporary naval combat tactics. Deputy Commander of NATO’s Joint Force Command in Norfolk, Rear Admiral Timothy Henry, shared these insights with Ukrinform, emphasizing the alliance’s efforts to analyze current realities and project future technological advancements over the next three to ten years. He noted NATO’s careful observation of Ukraine’s combat experience in the Black Sea and its potential influence on future maritime tactics.

Following the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully targeting several dozen Russian ships, Russian forces have begun employing submarines for patrols in the Black Sea. In parallel with Ukraine’s successful efforts to neutralize the Russian Black Sea Fleet and restore its maritime exports, NATO member countries have taken a keen interest in Ukraine’s strategic advancements.

Recognizing the effectiveness of Ukrainian tactics using naval drones and advanced missile systems, NATO is actively studying these developments to enhance its own maritime defense capabilities. Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Timothy Henry underscored NATO’s commitment to integrating Ukraine’s combat experience into future naval strategies, emphasizing the importance of adapting to evolving warfare dynamics.

As Ukraine continues to demonstrate resilience and innovation amidst the Russian invasion, NATO’s analysis aims to leverage these insights to fortify alliance defense strategies and prepare for future challenges in maritime security.

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