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US and Ukraine Sign a Historic Bilateral Security Agreement During G7 Summit

US and Ukraine Sign a Historic Bilateral Security Agreement During G7 Summit

On June 13, US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a much-anticipated bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and the United States, during the G7 Summit in Italy, according to Reuters.

Ukraine and the United States engaged in numerous rounds of talks regarding the agreement, aligning with the G7's commitment made during the NATO summit in Vilnius in July 2023 to support Ukraine’s defense over the long term.

The agreement is a stepping stone toward Ukraine’s future membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). “Both parties recognize this agreement as a potential path towards Ukraine’s eventual membership in NATO,” according to the document’s text.

The agreement creates a direct communication channel for military coordination between the US and Ukraine. In the event of an armed attack or threat of attack, senior officials from both countries will convene within 24 hours to strategize a response and determine the necessary supplies for Ukraine’s defense.

Both the US and Ukraine acknowledge the importance of a robust Ukrainian military for ensuring the country’s security. This entails a well-equipped force, a strong defense industry capable of sustained investment, and a military structure that adheres to NATO standards.

This agreement aligns with similar security arrangements already established between Ukraine and fifteen other European nations, including Germany, France, and the UK.

Despite the absence of troop deployment, the US pledges continued support for Ukraine through training programs for the Ukrainian military over the next decade, collaboration in weapons and equipment production, and increased intelligence sharing.

Earlier at the G7 Summit, Zelenskyy and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida finalized a defense agreement between Ukraine and Japan.

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