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Zelenskyy Reacts to Biden Signing Ukraine Aid Package, Thanking America

After Joe Biden signed the long-awaited Ukraine aid package, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted in a video address on Telegram:

“Today, President Biden signed into law the support package approved by Congress—support, specifically for Ukraine. We've overcome a path of half a year. No matter what anyone says, we're gaining the support we need—to continue defending lives from Russian attacks.

In recent days, we've been working very actively with our American friends—at all levels—to promptly fill this package from the United States with the exact weapons our soldiers need. From “ATACMs“ and artillery to anti-tank weapons and missiles for HIMARS, to essential air defense systems and equipment.

I am grateful to President Biden, Congress, all Americans who feel the need to shake the ground under Putin's feet, not to submit to him, and only then will there truly be less threats to freedom. Together, we can ensure this. Thanks to all Americans in defense industries, every state, who produce weapons that are currently truly defending democracy and our way of life. Our cooperation - between Ukraine and the United States - every expression of support for our defense is making both our nations and all our partners stronger, the whole world that seeks to live by rules, not by violence and chaos.

Now we will do everything to make up for the six months spent in debates, in doubts. What the Russian occupier has been able to do in this time, what Putin is planning now, we must turn against him. All his actions on the front lines, all his strikes against our energy, infrastructure, all his terror against our cities and villages - all of this should mobilize us, everyone in the world who truly values life, to put greater pressure on Russia. It is very important that all our agreements with President Biden are implemented one hundred percent. Thank you, America!”

Here’s the full list of the military and other aid the aid package includes.

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