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Biden Has Signed the Ukraine Aid Bill. Help Is Coming. What Exactly Will the Funds Be Used For?

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The Ukraine aid bill has now been signed by Joe Biden, in a final step. After months of anticipation, Ukraine is set to get the support that it needs to survive and protect its people. We explain what the funds will be used for.

$60.8 billion total: Breakdown of funds

  • $23.2 billion - Replenishment of the arsenal of the USA with weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

  • $28.1 billion - Military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and some government spending of the United States.

  • $9.5 billion - Economic assistance to Ukraine and other countries affected by the Russian invasion.

$49.9 billion: Defense spending for the US and Ukraine 

  • $23.2 billion - to replenish the US defense arsenal.

  • $11.3 billion - for current US operations.

  • $13.8 billion - for Ukraine to purchase weapons and equipment from American companies.

  • $1.6 billion - in grants and loans from the United States to purchase weapons from other countries.

$9.5 billion: Economic assistance to Ukraine and other governments affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine

  • $7.849 billion - direct economic assistance to Ukraine.

  • $1.575 billion - other types of economic assistance to Ukraine and other affected countries.

  • $0.025 billion for USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives, which sponsors projects and initiatives in Ukraine and other countries affected by the Russian invasion. 

  • $0.050 billion to ensure food security.

The rest of the US funds were allocated to: 

  • $0.481 billion - assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the United States.

  • $0.695 billion - US government spending to help Ukraine.

  • $0.1 billion - Mine Action, Counterterrorism and Nonproliferation Program.

This significant commitment signifies unwavering US support for Ukraine's fight to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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