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41 French Generators Arrive to Aid Kharkiv and Chernihiv's Energy Shortages


France has delivered 41 power generators to Kharkiv and Chernihiv, where Russian strikes have caused extensive damage to the energy infrastructure, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on X.

Russian shelling has inflicted severe damage on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, leading to significant reductions in electricity production and supply.

In recent months, Russia has escalated attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure, particularly targeting the energy grid. Following these attacks, Ukraine initiated rolling blackouts starting May 15, with their frequency increasing markedly in recent days.

On July 2, Ukraine's Energy Ministry announced via social media that, under an agreement with the European Commission, the country has received 5,876 solar panels to support power supply for hospitals nationwide.

France and other international partners are offering financial, technical, and material aid to assist Ukraine in repairing its energy infrastructure and ensuring the population has access to electricity.

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