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Deep State: Russia Advances Towards 6 Settlements in Kharkiv Offensive

According to DeepState analysts, Russian forces have advanced in the area of 6 settlements in the Kharkiv region.

According to the platform’s data, Russian forces have advanced in Krasnogorivka, near Volodymyrivka, and occupied Strilecha, Pylna, Krasne, Borysivka, Ohirtseve, and Pletenivka.

At the same time, Ukraine’s General Staff reported that active battles are ongoing in the areas of Pylna — Luk’yantsi, Pylna — Hlyboke, Pylna — Oliinykove, Murom — Buhruvatka.

In addition, Russian forces are conducting assault operations in the areas of Strilecha — Hlyboke, Oliinykove — Hlyboke, Oliinykove — Luk’yantsi, Murom — Starytsa, Pletenivka — Tykhe.

Despite facing resistance, Russian troops persist in their efforts to establish positions in Hlyboke. They remain under constant fire, particularly from FPV drones of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, which significantly complicates their movement, though not deterring their advances.

In the area of Vovchansk, Russian forces continue to approach the city and consolidate on its outskirts for further assault. The city is under heavy shelling, and the evacuation of the civilian population is ongoing.

There have been reports of Russian troops occupying the settlement of Hatysche, but the information is still being verified. The fighting continues.

“The impact from the Defense Forces complicates movement, the enemy regroups in some areas and focuses more attention on shelling settlements, thus using the opportunity to introduce additional reserves,” writes DeepState.

As of Sunday evening, May 12, the Russian army was conducting offensive operations northwest of Lyptsy in the Kharkiv region.

As reported, the “grey zone” and the number of settlements where fighting is ongoing have increased in the Kharkiv region. The analysts highlight that the disclosed count of Russian units engaged in this campaign so far suggests that Russian forces are presently not planning a broad-scale campaign to encircle or seize the city of Kharkiv.

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