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Dozens of Russian Glide Bombs Have Accidentally Fallen on Russian Territory, Reports The Washington Post


Dozens of Russian glide bombs have accidentally fallen on Russian territory, as reported by The Washington Post, which obtained internal documents from authorities in the Belgorod region. These bombs, launched by Russian forces into Ukraine, landed in various locations in Belgorod between April 2023 and April 2024, with many failing to explode.

The documents detail specific incidents, including four bombs landing directly in the city of Belgorod and others in nearby suburbs. The most affected area was the Graivoron district near the border, where 11 bombs fell, some of which remain unaccounted for due to ongoing war.

Most bombs were discovered by civilians, including foresters, farmers, and villagers, rather than by the Russian Ministry of Defense, suggesting some bombs may have been present for several days before being found.

Russian media outlet Astra corroborated many incidents described in the documents, which align with reports from local authorities and media.

Russian authorities have typically downplayed these incidents, attributing them to “accidents” caused by Ukrainian shelling or omitting reports of explosions in the region, particularly in recent times.

The use of glide bombs has added pressure on Ukraine’s ground-based air defense systems and played a significant role in the capture of Avdiivka by Russian forces in mid-February.

The Washington Post notes that these bombs have prompted Ukraine to rely on American Patriot missiles, capable of intercepting Russian aircraft before they release bombs. However, these defense systems are reportedly in short supply.

In late March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the development of a heavier version of the glide bomb, FAB-3000, which was fully deployed on June 21 against the Ukrainian village of Liptsy. Production of lighter FAB-500 and FAB-1500 bombs has also reportedly increased.

Prior incidents include a Defense Ministry report in April 2023 attributing an explosion in Belgorod to the accidental dropping of aviation ordnance during a flight of a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber.

In January 2024, a Russian projectile fell on the village of Petropavlovka in the Voronezh region during a rocket attack on Ukraine, resulting in significant damage according to local witnesses.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy previously stated that Russia had used over 800 guided aviation bombs against Ukraine in a week, emphasizing Ukraine’s need for sufficient means to counter Russian aerial threats.

Zelenskyy highlighted the necessity for long-range missiles like ATACMS, rather than solely relying on Patriot air defense systems, to effectively counter Russian guided aerial bombs.

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