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German Chancellor Scholz Rejects Any Ceasefire Proposals Leading to Ukraine’s Capitulation


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that Germany would not support any ceasefire aimed at Ukraine’s capitulation.

During a session in the Bundestag, questions regarding Ukraine were raised, including one from Left Party deputy Hezine Lotsh about the timing of a ceasefire. Chancellor Scholz criticized Vladimir Putin’s “peace proposal.”

“In my opinion, a ceasefire aimed at Ukraine’s capitulation is something we should never support from Germany,” Scholz responded.

Scholz described Putin’s proposal as strange, emphasizing that the Kremlin leader shows no intention of halting Russia’s aggressive war. Putin’s talk of peace negotiations, according to Scholz, is merely a strategy to prolong the conflict, which Germany will not allow.

Lotsh also asked Chancellor Scholz if he could guarantee that Germany would not become involved in the war. Scholz replied firmly, “Yes, I give that guarantee. That is what I stand for as Chancellor.”

On June 14th, Putin laid out new conditions for starting “peace talks”: Ukrainian forces must withdraw from four regions, and Kyiv must declare no plans to join NATO. Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs labeled this as an attempt by Putin to sabotage the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared Putin’s “peace” proposal to actions by Nazi Germany.

“At present, we see that he [Putin — ed.] is reviving Nazism. This is a new wave of this Nazism, which is Russian Nazism,” Zelenskyy said, adding: “This is the same thing [Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf] Hitler did when he said: 'Give me a part of Czechoslovakia, and that will be the end of it'. But no, this is a lie — a historical lie. After that, there was Poland, then the occupation of the whole of Europe.”

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