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Germany's Scholz: The Russian Army Is Losing up to 24,000 Soldiers a Month in Ukraine

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz stated that the Russian army is losing up to 24,000 soldiers—dead or seriously injured—per month in Ukraine, n-tv reports.

The German Chancellor has accused Russia’s self-proclaimed President Vladimir Putin of being willing to sacrifice a significant number of Russian soldiers in the war with Ukraine.

"There is a figure that says there are 24,000 dead or seriously injured Russian soldiers per month," said Scholz at a public discussion. "All for the imperialist megalomania of the Russian president," he added.

Olaf Scholz continues to refuse to provide Ukraine with the German-made Taurus long-range missiles. He argued that this is how Germany is preventing Russia from escalating the war against Ukraine and triggering a war between Russia and NATO.

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