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Hungary Opposes NATO Plan for Ukraine Aid, Calling It a “Crazy Mission”

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has rejected NATO’s plan to provide long-term military support to Ukraine.

“Hungary will stay out of NATO’s crazy mission despite all the pressure,” commented the Minister at a Facebook Live event in London.

The five-year plan, valued at 100 billion euros, would see NATO take on a larger role in coordinating the supply of arms, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine.

The move, in part, will enable the US-led Ramstein group to guard against potential reductions in future US support.

NATO has previously held back on directly supplying weapons to Ukraine, opting for non-lethal aid to avoid provoking Russia. However, member nations have individually provided billions in arms.

This isn’t the first time Hungary has clashed with NATO. Previously, Hungary delayed approving Sweden’s membership in the alliance. Additionally, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has maintained close ties with Russia, even after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The United States, a leading member of NATO, has expressed concern about Hungary’s stance. The US ambassador to Hungary warned of the risks associated with Hungary’s relationship with Russia and suggested that NATO may need to adjust its security approach if Hungary continues down this path.

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