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More Than 30 Countries are Ready to Accept Ukrainian Children Injured in Ohmatdyt Hospital Attack


Viktor Liashko, the Minister of Health, announced during a telethon that over 30 countries worldwide are prepared to treat Ukrainian children affected by the July 8 shelling of Ohmatdyt hospital. He stated that ambassadors from various nations, including several European countries and the United States, have expressed readiness to assist in the treatment of Ukrainian pediatric patients.

“All Baltic countries, Italy has already approached. Stella Kyriakides, who coordinates all assistance within the European Union, has also contacted us. Poland and the United States are ready to help. We have received a significant number of requests,” Liashko noted.

He also mentioned that currently, the sick children have been redistributed among other hospitals in the capital. If necessary, they will be sent abroad.

“I urge parents whose children were undergoing treatment at Ohmatdyt during the attack: please contact your doctor. They will transmit your information to the head of the department, discuss all details, and offer treatment options within Ukraine. If it cannot be provided here, it should be continued under the clear coordination of the Ministry of Health, including medical evacuation,” emphasized Viktor Liashko.

The Minister stated that the government has already established a mechanism to aid the sick children and that the Ministry of Health will handle the documentation process.

“Unfortunately, diseases do not wait for the end of the war. This is an ongoing process, so doctors must act. Our main priority is to save lives, and the Ministry of Health will handle bureaucracy,” he added.

Recall that nearly 630 children were in Ohmatdyt hospital during the missile strike. Nearly a hundred have been evacuated to other medical facilities in the capital, while 68 continue treatment in the surviving departments.

On July 8, 2024, a Russian missile strike targeted “Ohmatdyt” Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, resulting in extensive damage. The hospital, Ukraine’s largest for children, sustained destruction to multiple departments including surgical, intensive care, oncology, and hematology. The attack killed one doctor and two civilians, injured 64 people, including children.

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